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Change Begins from Within

Htut Aung attended a 5-day training programme where he was able to learn about gender concepts, feminism, patriarchy and gender-based violence. It was as a result of this training that he decided to

Workers have the right to safe working and living conditions.

Factory worker in Hlaingtharyar describing working and living conditions.

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Land registration; an act of empowerment

Kan Hla village is a small village located in Pinlaung Township of southern Shan State. In 2005 the state
government officials built a dam that resulted in significant damage to the surrounding area

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Another first for women

Daw Mya is a mother of two children living in Kan Hla village and is one of the many women who
attended training by Shwe Kanbawza, a CSO partner of the ECCSO project. The women in Kan Hla
do not

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ActionAid Myanmar's Feminist Research Guidelines

what is research and why research is important for change/ development?

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What is boy and girl?

Even after .50 years of Independence girls and women in India are considered second class human beings. The birth of a daughter is often not celebrated/ she is denied adequate love, care

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Women’s Rights & Leadership in Humanitarian Action

ActionAid is a global justice organisation working with women to fight injustice and claim their human rights in 45 countries. ActionAid considers humanitarian crises as part of the cycle of rights

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ActionAid Behaviour Change Manual

This Behaviour Change Manual aims to provide information on how to design Women’s Rights programmes that encourage people to follow behaviours that are in line with gender equality. The Manual