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Now and the Future report

Amid COVID-19 pandemic which does not discriminate social and economic backgrounds, everyone is at risk. Still, women and girls have experienced more than share of impact from COVID-19 and do not have

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Climate Activism: A civil society engagement assessment in Myanmar

In the last years in Myanmar we have observing a raise in the number of youth-led organizations involved in a range of climate change and environmental related work. To better understand the

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Reporting on Myanmar's Covid-19 First Wave and its Impact on Civic and Political Space

Myanmar is facing a surge in the spread of COVID-19. Government-introduced restrictions and public health measures had, until now, been widely praised for the relatively limited impact of the disease

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Strengthening Rural Community delopment in Chin State Myanmar

This report presents a discussion of the research findings regarding bottom-up planning processes and community power dynamics and leadership in Chin State. It shows how participatory processes, such

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Community Led Development in Kayah

This research examined the effectiveness of the Village Tract community based organisations (VTCBOs) in Kayah State. This is a bottom-up planning process that builds on power shifts and collective

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Lessons from Participatory Botom Up Planning Process in Chin and Kayah States Myanmar

This Research Brief presents lessons on 5 years of bottom-up planning processes in Chin and Kayah States. The Brief presents evidence concerning governance work that has taken place in these two

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Actionaid Myanmar Environmental Policy

This Environmental and Climate Change Policy aim to provide ActionAid Myanmar with a set of guiding principles and procedures that will encourage AAM’s programming to integrate ecological protection

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ActionAid Behaviour Change Manual

This Behaviour Change Manual aims to provide information on how to design Women’s Rights programmes that encourage people to follow behaviours that are in line with gender equality. The Manual

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Women’s Rights & Leadership in Humanitarian Action

ActionAid is a global justice organisation working with women to fight injustice and claim their human rights in 45 countries. ActionAid considers humanitarian crises as part of the cycle of rights


ActionAid's Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) Resource Book

This resource book reflects our rich experiences, approaches and practices of working for change within a HRBA. We do not have all the answers, and the resource book cannot address all aspects of our