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PSEA Research FULL REPORT (2022)

Understanding Community Knowledge and Perception on Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA) and Barriers to Reporting in Kachin, Northern Shan and Magway States/Regions of Myanmar


“Different forms of gender-based violence, including sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) remain an acute and prevalent problem throughout Myanmar. However, the true extent of these issues is unknown, due in part to a lack of available data, high levels of underreporting, misunderstanding and misinformation about these different forms of violence. The majority of survivors are women and girls, and the normalisation of SEA has been linked to Myanmar’s predominantly patriarchal society shaped by discriminatory gender norms. Different forms of GBV, including SEA, not only impacts on the ability of women and girls to live safely, but it also impedes their ability to exercise their full human rights, including meaningfully participating in decision-making related to recovery, transition, peace building and development efforts in the communities in which they live.


This research study has examined the level of community awareness and knowledge of different forms of SEA within Myanmar, community perception on SEA committed by humanitarian aid workers, and the existing reporting mechanisms and barriers to reporting these in areas of Kachin, northern Shan, and Magway regions.”