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Adolescents Conference Writing a New Page in Myanmar’s History

“Adolescence is an age when they are experiencing both mental and physical change in transition to adulthood, and it’s also a stage that can be easily influenced, therefore it’s the best time to


U-Report in Myanmar: Giving Youth a Voice

U-Report was launched by U Soe Kyi, the Director General of the Department of Social Welfare from the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement who discussed the importance of the U-Report


Community University of Myanmar's Dry Zone

The Fellows explained how through the use of participatory tools, patience, hard work and persistence, they win people’s trust, tackle traditional ideas about power, gender and age and grow their own


About us in Myanmar

A small programme was established in Myanmar in 2001 following several missions, starting in 1999, by the Asia Director and the Regional Coordinator responsible for New Country Initiatives. The


A Story of Triumph

“I used to be afraid to speak up for myself and for other women. I do not know much, but the little that I know is that my children must be more educated than I am to defend themselves. In a


Community foundation: Villages as implementing partners

“Some villages we work with have already managed huge funds through women’s advisory groups or other development committees. And they do a better job than any NGO can do. NGOs will implement a project

How Covid-19 can be an opportunity for Myanmar governance actors and civil society to move towards a mature democracy

By the 30th January 2020, World Health Organisation (WHO) declared coronavirus (Covid-19) a “global emergency” after its rate of infection and fatality rose exponentially since first identified in


2018 Annual Report

Action Towards Social Justice


2017 Annual Report

Empowering People for Change