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How Covid-19 can be an opportunity for Myanmar governance actors and civil society to move towards a mature democracy

By the 30th January 2020, World Health Organisation (WHO) declared coronavirus (Covid-19) a “global emergency” after its rate of infection and fatality rose exponentially since first identified in

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Strengthening a responsive, diverse and democratic civil society in Myanmar

This page is about the ActionAid project called 'Strengthening a responsive, diverse and democratic civil society in Myanmar'.

Who cares – and who pays?

Unpaid care work is just as real as paid work and takes up a significant amount of time, especially for women. With the closing of schools and other measures undertaken by governments to prevent the

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Youth-led community development in Kayin State, Myanmar

The lives of communities in Kayin State have been indelibly marked by what has been characterized as the longest civil war in the world (Federer, et al, 2015). A ceasefire in 2012 between the KNU and

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Myanmar National Policy Brief

The COVID-19 crisis has revealed the extent to which public services have been under-funded for a generation,
with women in the poorest communities often having to take the strain and fill the gap s

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Fair Finances

In recent years, Myanmar has been experiencing profound political, economic and social
changes. Wide-ranging policy reforms that began in 2011 included a transition to greater civilian
rule, more

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Community Led Development in Kayah

This research examined the effectiveness of the Village Tract community based organisations (VTCBOs) in Kayah State. This is a bottom-up planning process that builds on power shifts and collective

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Lessons from Participatory Botom Up Planning Process in Chin and Kayah States Myanmar

This Research Brief presents lessons on 5 years of bottom-up planning processes in Chin and Kayah States. The Brief presents evidence concerning governance work that has taken place in these two

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Strengthening Rural Community delopment in Chin State Myanmar

This report presents a discussion of the research findings regarding bottom-up planning processes and community power dynamics and leadership in Chin State. It shows how participatory processes, such

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Reporting on Myanmar's Covid-19 First Wave and its Impact on Civic and Political Space

Myanmar is facing a surge in the spread of COVID-19. Government-introduced restrictions and public health measures had, until now, been widely praised for the relatively limited impact of the disease